Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why is black pepper good for you?

What's so good about black pepper? So I was doing some research on the benefits of black pepper and I thought I would share what I found.

*Black pepper contains very potent solar energy, and is a powerful digestive stimulant. It also stimulates the plasma and the blood, the nervous system, the spleen, and reduces fat.

*It is beneficial for chronic indigestion, helps with toxins in the colon, sinus congestion, and can stimulate circulation to help warm cold hands and feet.

Black pepper can be taken as a spice, an oil, a tea, or a compress.

I don't know about you, but I'm going to start adding black pepper to my meals starting today.

Caution: Overuse of stimulant herbs can impair your body's natural balancing systems.


Mary Jo said...

I have been increasing the amount of pepper I use, but did not know that too much of it could cause a problem. Thank you for this information.

Mary Jo said...

I have been using pepper quite alot but did not know that too much could cause a problem. Thank you for posting this information

Collin Todalen said...

My dad always told me at the dinner table that you can overdose on salt, but you can never have enough pepper. Therefore I have drenched my food in pepper (salads, soup, meat) and have never noticed a problem from "too much".

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